#AMonthofFaves 2021 Announcement

We’re back this December 2021, with #AMonthofFaves and we’d love if you could join us for this fun way to recap the year that was. We have a schedule of topics planned out for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting Dec. 6th, so feel free to join in anytime. There will also be a link-up so that we can all stop by each other’s posts to leave comments, high fives, good vibes and well wishes.

A Month of Faves

#AMonthofFaves 2021 Schedule

MON | Dec. 6 – #AMonthofFaves Moments of 2021. What were some of the moments this year that you are grateful for. We’re here for hearing all of it! It could be the simple things (I know that’s what I’m celebrating this year) or more epic adventures.

WED | Dec. 8 – #AMonthofFaves These are a Few of Our Favorite Things. e.g. to wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best purchases, most used gift received, most used purchases, something crafty you made. Here’s a look at some of Our Favorites.

FRI | Dec. 10 – #AMonthofFaves A Day / Weekend / Week in the Life. Let’s take a peak into each others lives as as we chronicle what we did on a typical (or not-so-typical) day or weekend … or week. Or even some things that you do everyday (here’s a look at a day in the life from earlier this year and from Kim – 5 Random Things This Weekend and A Week in the Life (Dinner Edition)).

A Month of Faves

MON | Dec. 13 – #AMonthofFaves Popular Books Worth the Hype (and/or Not Worth the Hype). We have an ongoing list.

WED | Dec. 15 – #AMonthofFaves Underrated Books We Think Deserve More Buzz. How does one even rate the “popularity” of a book?! I go by the Goodreads ratings – so – Which book(s) does it shock you to see that everyone on the planet hasn’t read?

FRI | Dec. 17 – #AMonthofFaves This is How We Do Christmas. How do you get into the holiday spirit? Are you decorating, cooking, have certain traditions? What are you gifting this year (if anything)? Tell us all about how you plan to enjoy this holiday. This is what we shared last year.


MON | Dec. 20 – #AMonthofFaves What’s On Your Winter Reading List. What are some of the books you plan to read in the next few months? How did you choose them? Are they from the “Best Books of the Year” lists, recommendations from friends, raved about on the internet?

WED | Dec. 22 – #AMonthofFaves Challenges and Goals Check-In. Reading challenges, personal goals, resolutions – how did you do? Which was your favorite book read (and / or least favorite) for each challenge – or from all of them. Did you make New Years Resolutions? Did you get to all of them? Are you making any for next year … next month … next season?

FRI | Dec. 24 – #AMonthofFaves On the Screen or in Your Ear. What did you watch this year that you absolutely loved? Did you see any movies inspired by books you’ve read – what did you think? Or, what are some of your favorite podcasts, audiobooks or songs / albums that you listened to and have on repeat. Here’s Bryan’s Top 5 TV Shows of 2020.

A Month of Favorites

MON | Dec. 27 – #AMonthofFaves Best Books Read in 2021. What are your favorite “squee” worthy reads from this year?!

WED | Dec. 29 – #AMonthofFaves Book Covers or #Instagram and Blogger Love. I don’t know if book covers thrill us as much as they used to now that eBooks and audiobooks are so prevalent. But if that’s still your thing, share the best book covers from your reads this year (and tell us if reading the book was as good as you thought it would be). If book covers are not your thing – then tell us your fave bloggers and / or Instagrammers. Tell us what you like about each – and what they post about – e.g. bookish, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, money, mom blogs, productivity etc.

FRI | Dec. 31 – #AMonthofFaves This Is How We Read & Blogged. How was your reading year? Number of books read, genre you read the most from, most read author, % eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks, month you read the most and least (This Is How We Read [The 2020 Edition]). And if you blog / or post on Instagram – share your most popular posts.

Join us by posting your response to any or all of the prompts above on the same day – feel free to put your own spin on the topics (we will for some) – and then come to our post to link up yours. And remember you can join in on any of the topics at any time!

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