#AMonthofFaves This is How We Blog and Blog Goals for 2018

Did you try anything new on your blog this year? Vary your posting schedule? Did you make blogging goals? Did you achieve them? Here’s what we did, what new features we started, features we retired and our blogging goals for next year.

Tanya –

Blog Posting Schedule

Our goals was to post Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. We pretty much stuck to that except when life got in the way – and well … that’s life! We’ll be doing the same thing again next year, except our links roundup post will move from Sundays to Monday.

Favorite Feature We Introduced This Year

+ Reading from the Best Sellers List – where we feature books that (at the time of reading & writing the review) are on the NY Time Best Sellers List. Neither Kim or I are into writing traditional book reviews, so this was our way of discussing some of the more popular books that we read + give our opinion + discuss books we like that are similar + rate the movie if we’ve seen it.

Man Called Ove (Book)

Next year, we’ll be add Reading from the Best of Best Books of the Year lists and Reading Book Award Winners.

Our Reading Challenge – Monthly Motif

Kim is really the architect behind the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge, but this year, I’d like to be a bit more scheduled with my reading, and post more on books that would be great for each theme / month of the challenge before-hand. This means reading ahead and not being such a slave to my mood when it comes to reading.

Kim –

When I Blog

One weeknight a week I head to the library and get most of my blogging done then. I also try to jump online on Sunday morning and work a little on posts.

Blog Goals for 2018

Blog Goals … If I post it then I need to do it. Last year I posted goals and reading lists that I never actually followed up on.  Also – blog ahead by at least two weeks and get the Monthly Motif posts queued up in advance so we’re not scrambling to write them.

Connect … I used to be so good at connecting with other bloggers. It’s so hard to find the time these days but I still enjoy it so I want to make it a priority.

Contribute More Individual Posts … Last year it was mainly a lack of post ideas that kept me from writing many of my own posts. I’d like to contribute more of my voice this year, not just on the posts we write together.

What are some of your blog goals for 2018? If you’re participating in #AMonthofFaves – add your blog post (or social media link) to the linky below.


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  1. Bryan

    Dec 19

    Not that I don’t like hearing you, Tanya :-), but I would like to hear more individual posts from Kim, as well. I enjoy posts from both of you.

    • Thanks Bryan. Still trying to find my voice, I guess. 🙂

  2. I really need to make myself put up goals for the year. The accountability might do me some good! I seem to lack in the follow-through department lately. Some days I feel like I get so crazy busy that there just are not enough hours in the day!

  3. Yes, I tried something new on my blog – I came back to it! LOL. Trying to get more consistent with it and return back to the community I adore. Looking forward to diving in!

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