#AMonthofFaves On Our Screens

We enjoyed the holidays so much we got a little bit behind on sharing #AMonthofFaves, so let’s get back to it with our fave “on the screen” for this year.


On the Screen

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I don’t get a lot of chances to watch TV so I know I’m behind the times on the latest shows, but these are the ones that I’ve enjoyed this year.

Only Murders in the Building

I’ll watch anything with Martin Short and Steve Martin in it. They’re so effortlessly hilarious. Adding in Selena Gomez was genius because of the difference in ages. They all mesh so well together. My husband and I had a lot of fun trying to ‘solve’ the murders as the show goes along.

Criminal Minds: Evolution

I’m a long time fan of Criminal Minds so I was excited for this reboot. I’m still missing three of my favorite characters but there’s hope that one of them might still return.

Derry Girls

My husband and I could not get enough of this show. So, so funny. At three seasons this show is over and I’m so sad about it. I could completely get hooked to it in the way that I did with Friends or The Big Bang Theory.

Ted Lasso

Another one that made us laugh our pants off. The beauty of this show is that it’s really, really heart-warming and actually gave me the feels on several occasions. You don’t have to care about sports to fall in love with this one.


I am telling you. This show is a masterpiece. It is hilarious and so, so accurate for parents and kids alike. It’s heartwarming and manages to tackle everything from difficult subjects to every day subjects. My husband and I always sit down to watch an episode or two when the kids turn it on and we end up laughing out loud.


After reading all of the graphic novels I was really excited to see it come to life on screen. It definitely did not disappoint.

Is It Cake?

My kids started watching this because…. cake! I found myself stopping to watch a bit every time I came into the room and got totally hooked. It was honestly really fun to try and guess which ones were actually cake.

Drink Masters

I’m not really a ‘contestant’ television show kinda person but after my kids watched Is It Cake? and I found myself really enjoying it, I decided to give this one a try. I do love me a good cooking show so, why not? This one was so much fun to watch. Everyone on the show had such fantastic personalities and really mixed well with each other. The host is Tone Bell and he’s just so effortlessly funny and charismatic.

What was your favorite “on the screen” this year?


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