An Early Spring 5K {A 2016 Running Bucket List Check In}

Viking Strong 5K

2016 will probably go down as the year I FLAKED on EVERYTHING. Work has been CRAZY and consumed almost every waking minute of my day at times. I almost flaked on this Spring 5K too since I hadn’t run in weeks … but it was a benefit for my youngest son’s school – and he was NOT having any excuses. So off we went.

The Race: Small, local 5K with about 400 participants – May 1, 2016

The course: Mostly packed gravel on a closed trail

Weather conditions: COLD! It said 42F – but really felt like 32.

Worth It? A 1000x yes! My 2 sons and I ran it. The plan was to remain together for the youngest one’s benefit – but within minutes it was apparent that their pace was going to give me a heart attack. I told them to go on ahead and while I stopped, wheezing, gasping for breath many times, I was so proud that my youngest kept on trucking and didn’t stop at all. The oldest runs cross country for high school – so he couldn’t help but be too speedy for us.

At the end of it all – my youngest did his first 5K. I ran it in 30:31 (ouch), and I was reminded that I got to cross #2 off my 2016 Running Bucket ListRun a race with a member of my family.

With work being so overwhelmingly time consuming, I almost gave up on a lot of things this year, including running. But this race reminded me that it is absolutely a necessity to devote time to the people you love and the things you love to do.


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