App Love: How to Use Evernote as a Wine Catalog

My phone is always with me, so I’m obsessed with using it as much as I can to help improve everyday life. I might be a bit obsessed with apps, and one of the most useful I’ve come across is Evernote. I’ve been using it to keep track of the wines I’ve tried recently, and my thoughts on them.

Using Evernote as a Wine Catalog System

Evernote App for Wine CatalogI wanted a simple system to record the name of the wine and whether I liked it or not. Here’s how I did it:-

1/ Create a Notebook called “Wine” in Evernote (all wines saved will go in this notebook).

2/ Create a New Note

3/ Title the note with the name of the wine, type and year produced, eg. Brotherhood Riesling 2012.

4/ Click the Camera icon and snap a picture of the front of the wine bottle, the back, and any other details you want to capture

5/ Add tags. I add the name of the country (or state) that produced the wine, thoughts in 1 word (liked, loved, hated, okay), red or white wine, dry or sweet and price. You could also tag with the year and type of wine here – but I prefer to have it in the title.

6/ Save and that’s it.

Note – I don’t (at this moment) use tags for anything else in Evernote. If you do, you might prefer to make the tags a little more specific, such as “red wine” instead of just “red”.

This is just one of the ways I use the Evernote app. I’m guessing a simple system like this would also work to track other things, like craft beers, books and collectibles.


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