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App Life {The Late Fall Indian Summer Edition}

App Life

App Life

On a recent trip to NY, I realized just how much I rely on my phone and apps. Here’s my current smart phone setup.

Main Display

App Life HomescreenHome screen using Themer app – Sunrise by Veroake

Weather – Yahoo Weather App. Its been awesome to still have some 70 degree days although we’re well into Fall. Its been hard to predict what the weather might be each day, so I check my display first thing every morning. I can see current temperature (was 60 degrees today) and the forecast for the next 3 days – 60s and 50s. Sunny, no rain. This helps me figure out what to wear to work, whether I should chance running outside or hop on the treadmill, or if I need to double check that I have my umbrella with me.

Calendar – Cal app. Every home screen I use must display calendar events on the home screen. If I don’t put an appointment in my phone, its 100% certain that I’ll forget about it.

Most Used Apps

Google Maps. Moving to a new state means I use this app to go everywhere since my car doesn’t have a built in GPS. Not to mention, it was super useful as a train map while in NY.

FitRadio. This music app is awesome for workout jams – every time I go for a run. My favorite playlist currently are Look At Me Know Workout HipHop by DJ Ella and Twerk Mix by DJ Dizzy K.

WordPress. I’m trying to use this app more to write draft blog posts and respond to comments. So far, its been very useful, but I’m still working out a process.

Recent Phone Snaps – NY Marathon Spectator Edition

My folks live in Westchester county, so it was a short hop on the Metro North train to Harlem 125th and Park Ave. From there, Google Maps gave me walking directions as I headed to 103rd St. and 1st Avenue. That was my first spectating spot as I stood beside an older couple who were playing an African drum and dancing for the runners – best.spectating.spot.ever.

NY Marathon Snaps

I used the TCS NY Marathon app to track my brother on the map, and check out his split times. The app worked flawlessly, so I knew when he was close by and I was able to cheer him on when he most needed it (this was about mile 19). Then, it was on to Fifth Avenue, where I cheered some more, saw my bro a 2nd time – and then I hopped a cab to 63rd and Central Park (East) to watch the runners final mile.

NY Marathon Snaps

Of course, I sent a few pics to Instagram, and used WhatsApp to keep friends updated during the race.

its on @civilt in action in the #nymarathon

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Which app do you currently use the most?

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