Author: Tanya Patrice

Tanya is an avid reader - teenage boy wrangler - husband tamer - knowledge seeker.

4 More Books With Crazy Weird Apocalyptic Events

Bookish • 4 Comments

Last month I wrote about 4 Books With Crazy Weird Apocalyptic Events, and of course – I wanted to read more! Here are 4 MORE books...

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First Things First {Rituals and Routines}

Life • 8 Comments

Do you have daily rituals? A routine that you follow when you do certain things? Here are my “firsts” rituals …...

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My Essential Computer Programs {The Early 2016 Edition}

Organizing • One Comment

What are some of the programs or apps you MUST download to any new tablet or computer that you get? Below are my essential...

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#PlannerGirl {Why a Digital Calendar Works Better For Me}

Organizing • 11 Comments

Last year, I became a #plannergirl … briefly. I got a (disc) planner, which I still love to this day, ripped out all the pages and...

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Stumbling Into International Mystery Series

Bookish • 12 Comments

As the theme for the 2016 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge in January is #Whodunnit, I’m sharing my recommendations for some of my...

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Most Loved Posts at Girlxoxo This Year #AYearofFaves

Blogging • 4 Comments was going on pretty well for about 3 years before I decided to start afresh. Time and other commitments necessitated a change,...

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6 Favorite Book Covers From My Reads This Year

Bookish • 6 Comments

Book covers are the first thing we see of a book – and a gorgeous cover will certainly draw me in and entice me to read more about...

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5 Books That Blew My Mind This Year

Bookish • 11 Comments

Y’all I read some amazing books this year. Part 1 of this list was all about My Favorite Audiobook Listens of 2015 – and now...

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This Is How I Read

Bookish, Life • 3 Comments

Let’s talking about our reading lives for a moment....

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7 Spectacular Things This Week

Weekly Links • One Comment

Here’s a look at how the week went down plus things loved and adored....

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