Book’d Out [January 2023]


Reading – This month I was focused on reading the 2022 Cybil YA Speculative Fiction Finalist books. Although we’ve had our judges meeting, and picked the winner, I can’t reveal it for another couple of weeks! I’m very excited. The reading was fantastic but there were some definite stand outs.

Watching – The hubs and I finally watched Wednesday and loved it so, so much.

Work – I chose to stretch the courses that I teach out for the whole semester this Spring. Typically I teach block schedule (courses are only 7 weeks long) and I do a lot of cramming in grading time late at night. I’m hoping this will give me some much needed breathing room. As far as dance is concerned, we’re on the home stretch to recital and I’ve been spending my free time finishing choreography. I’m certain this will be my last year teaching dance so I’m equal parts looking forward to the end of the year and feeling sad about it.

Life/Hobbies/Goals – My main goal is to see a doctor for a general check-up and to ask about fixing some old injuries to my back and my leg. I’ve been avoiding this because I’m pretty sure it means surgery. This month I’m also focusing on trying a variety of group fitness classes at our local aquatic center. I’m hoping to choose 2-3 per week by the end of the month that I want to attend regularly.


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