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Bullet Journal for Work {Q4 Update}

Bullet Journal Disc Bound Planner

bullet journal disc bound

I’ve changed my setup again since my last quarter update, and I think I’m finally at peace with my system. It’s simple and sometimes that makes me want to complicate it even more – but I think I’m finally over that.


I’m now using the Tul full-size disc-bound planner from Office Max  – which is very similar to the ARC disc-bound from Staples that I was using in my initial setup (which I actually gifted to someone else). The only difference is the inside front pockets which can house business cards better. I had switched to the Junior (half-size) size last quarter (Q3), but the smaller size didn’t work for me.

Bullet Journal Disc Bound Planner

Inside my planner, I’m using the Tul To-Do format pages, an Office by Martha Stewart Discbound Ruler which doubles as a bookmark for the current month, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens (6 pack with various colors), post-it notes and full size pocket pages I made from a folder that I just cut into 2 sections to separate the right and left sides. I put 1 at the front and 1 at the back.

Section 1 – Monthies

Like my previous system – on one page, I draw out a calendar and color-code for where I am going to be – i.e. travel, working at my desk, or working from home (or my previous manufacturing facility). Next to the dates, I write any task due – like complete and submit expense reports for the month.

Bullet Journal Calendar Page

On the next few pages, I keep a running list of tasks that need to get done. First though, I start by migrating tasks from the previous month that I didn’t get to. In my current setup, I don’t bother to use symbols for tasks, to-dos etc. like in the original bullet journal system.

Work Bujo

I don’t do weeklies or dailies since the majority of my tasks have no specific due dates.

Section 2 – Notes

I spent most of my time trying to develop a system that would work for me to track my tasks, so I haven’t paid much attention to other aspects that I need to incorporate – like taking notes from meetings and while at audits.

Right now – they are a messy mess. The one thing I do consistently, is read through notes and move tasks that need action to my Monthly To Do list. This quarter, I’m going to spend some time trying to come up with a better way to organize the chaos that’s my note-taking style … or just learn to live with it.

Summary – What Changed From Last Quarter

  • Back to a full-size planner
  • Personal and Work planners are separate. I was going to join them last quarter – but thank goodness that got abandoned before I even started
  • Dropped the “projects” section in favor of digital organization for that.
  • Staedtler Pens instead of Sharpie Finepoint – just because of the carrying case.

    What Stayed the Same

  • Still using just monthlies – and really like it that way.
  • No need for symbols for tasks, emails.. calls etc.
  • Sticking with the disc-bound system – Tul, ARC, Office by Martha Stewart – all are interchangeable.
  • Meetings & appointments are digital (Outlook synced to my phone)

How do you stay organized for work – paper of digital?

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