10 Useful (H)TML Symbols For Your Blog

Blogging • 6 Comments

There are lots of ways to add interest to your blog post instead of just having blocks of text. One way is to insert bits of HTML code...

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3 Digital Blog Editorial (C)alendar Ideas

Blogging • 3 Comments

How do you blog? How do you take note of post ideas? Here are 3 systems that have proven to be popular among bloggers – including...

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Editing My (B)log Reader

Blogging, Life • 8 Comments

I’ve used Feedly as my blog reader of choice ever since the demise of Google Reader. A few weeks ago I logged on and felt completely...

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Top 10 Blog Posts From GXO This Year #AYearofFaves2016

Blogging • 3 Comments changed a lot last year as I deleted all old blog posts and started anew in July. Then things changed again at the beginning...

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This is How We (Co)Blog {2016 Edition}

Blogging • 10 Comments

It’s been just about exactly a year since Tanya emailed me and asked me to be the other half of Girlxoxo (and then I cried and jumped...

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(C)oBlogging {How We Make It Work with Evernote} #SummerAtoZ

Blogging • 2 Comments

Since January of this year (2016), Girlxoxo has been run by both Kim and myself (Tanya). We had both been reading each other’s blogs...

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How to Host a Successful Reading Challenge

Blogging, Bookish

So you’ve decided you want to host a reading challenge on your blog. You’ve chosen a name for your challenge and written up...

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In The Bloggers Toolbox {Buffer}

Blogging • 2 Comments

Buffer is a tool used to schedule sharing of posts to social media like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest at times that you set up....

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In The Bloggers Toolbox {Feedly Tips and Tweaks}

Blogging • 12 Comments

Feedly is a news aggregator – which basically means that in one place, you can get updates when a website or blog that you follow...

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Evernote Search {Or Reason Number 1,657,003 Why You Should Use Evernote For Blogging}

Blogging • 13 Comments

It’s no secret that one of my favorite, and most used apps is Evernote. As a blogger, I’ve found many uses for it, including...

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