October Kicked Ass Now It’s On to November

Life • 9 Comments

October saw me finally settle into a routine with work, fitness and blogging – only to have it upended by switching to night shifts...

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#WeekendReads {The Just Do It Edition}

Life, Weekly Links • 9 Comments

Books Finished This Week: The Risk of Darkness (Simon Serailler #3), Susan Hill. This audiobook was so good … but the first book in...

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September Rocked October is a Mystery [The 2015 Edition]

Life • One Comment

What a whirlwind of a month. Mine was full of changes and an attempt to settle into a new routine. What has your last 4 weeks been like?...

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My Morning Routine {The Early Fall 2015 Weekday Edition}

Life • 10 Comments

One of my favorite sites is My Morning Routine. It’s interesting to see the similarities and differences in people’s routine....

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#WeekendReads {The Work In Progress Edition}

Life, Weekly Links • 3 Comments

This week was all about me trying to get together a schedule so that I would be in sync with all aspects of life – family stuff,...

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13 Fun Things to Do in Autumn {Fall}

Life • 16 Comments

Fall is rapidly becoming one of my favorite seasons – and it’s a theme now for me to make a seasonal list of fun things to do....

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End of Summer 5K Race {Race #1 of 2015 aka Welcome Back to Running}

Life • 2 Comments

What’s the first thing you do when you move to a state? One of the first things I did was check out the running scene, and I noticed...

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What’s In My Everyday Bag [The Fall 2015 Edition]

Life • 15 Comments

One of my favorite blogs is It’s awesome to see what people are toting around, and I thought I’d...

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Hiking Gear for a Hard Summer Hike

Life • 3 Comments

The #1 thing on my list of 12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer is to go hiking, so last weekend I set out on the White trail at Fishkill...

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12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

Life • 3 Comments

Summer is my favorite time of year – especially since I now have to live through the long cold winters of New York. Here are some of...

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