#CollegeGirl 3 Big Tips for Surviving Summer Classes

collegegirlWell… I think I’m in my final year of grad school. I’m hoping to finish by this time next year. At least that’s the plan, assuming that nothing comes up to push my graduation date back.

So here I am facing (hopefully) my last summer semester of classes. Let’s be real – summer classes just plain stink – but sometimes you gotta just do it. This is far from my first go around, so I’ve gathered a couple of tips that have helped me survive taking class in the summer. Here they are…

  1. Calendar School Time – Put it in your planner and let everyone know that every single week, these days and times are for school. Period. For me, it’s Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It’s so easy to blow off class work in favor of the fun that summer has to offer, but you’re less likely to do that if you treat your study time like a job. You have to be there.
  2. Work Hard So You Can Play Hard – The best thing you can do for yourself during your scheduled school time is work crazy hard. Get as much done as you can during that time, even if it’s not due for another three weeks. If you work ahead, then you’ll be able to accept those last minute swimming, concert, or BBQ invitations that come up without worrying about having enough time to get your work turned in.
  3. Keep The End Goal In Sight – This is college/grad school, so summer school is pretty much optional for most people. That probably means that if you’re taking classes in the summer, you really want to graduate sooner. So keep that in mind when you’re inside studying while everyone is out gathered by the pool. Remember, this is a short term sacrifice and when you’re done, you can swim all you want. (And if you follow tip 2, you may not have to miss out on too much.)

I spend most of the semester reminding myself to “power through.” Grad school was my choice and I’m thankful I have the means to go. I won’t take that for granted even if it kinda sucks sometimes. I know I’ll feel great once I finally check off this goal to graduate.

How do you power through on goals when it gets hard to stay focused?

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