Currently {I Love… in March}

I do love March. It’s my birthday month and it’s also the month in which the first bits of winter start fading. In some ways it feels even fresher than a January new start. It’s also the month I start planning my garden and dreaming of sunny days on a hiking trail. Here are a few things that I’m loving lately…

Smelling… Vineyard Hill Naturals Soy Wax Candle. I picked this up when I was at the craft store for my mother in law because the jar was so pretty and I thought she’d like it. I couldn’t resist getting one for myself. Mine is orange and bergamot scented and it’s wonderful. I’ve been burning it during my yoga practice, during late night reading sessions, and whenever I get to take a kiddo free shower.

Eating… Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt. I got hooked on these awhile ago but only buy them when they’re on sale. They have some yummy new flavor combinations now. I suppose I could put my own together for much cheaper but these are just so convenient.

Wearing… Buckle Extra Long Tank Tops. I’ve been buying cheapo crappy tank tops to wear under my shirts for years. I’m not sure why spending $16 on a tank top bothered me, but it did. I put them on my birthday wishlist and my hubby gifted me one. I went right back out and bought three more. No more tugging on the bottom of my tank top or readjusting the stupid straps all day. I love these.

Enjoying… all the gardening magazines I can get my hands on. My dream is to have a potager style garden some day. For now, we’re making our existing garden plot work. My personal favorite is Country Gardens.

currentlyConverting… to small stud earrings! I have worn ‘big’ earrings for years and I love them. They got banished when I had a baby, for obvious reasons. My hubs got these adorable studs for me for my birthday as well and I am loving their simplicity and charm.

Appreciating… the peace that this teepee is giving me at nap time. Let’s just say we’ve hit the terrible two’s and we’ve hit them hard. This teepee was a Christmas gift and we put it up every single day. Nap time goes much smoother when I suggest sleeping in his super fun teepee! Yay! Now if only he’d agree to sleep in there at night.

Craving… all the vegetables and fruits. All the clean eating meals. Minimalist Baker makes me want to cook all the goodness up right now. The recipes on her blog are my new happy place.

What’s your happy place these days?

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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Mar 18

    Oh my gosh – my niece hit the terrible 2s and crazy 3s hard too – she’s still 3 🙂 I can’t wait to see your garden posts. I can’t have a garden right now since we moved to a townhome when we moved states – but I still love to look at ’em.

  2. Lindsey

    Mar 18

    The teepee idea is brilliant! My two year old can climb into her crib, but I haven’t caught her climbing out yet. I can see something like that being helpful pretty soon, though!