Currently … {I (L)ove July}


Summer months are the best! Here’s what I’m loving this July.

LOVING … My portable Anker PowerCore Portable Charger. My cell battery is really crummy. Does everyone have this problem? I got this portable charger not long ago and I can’t believe I’ve never had one. I’ll be using this a lot.

WEARING … A few months ago I started wearing Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion Sunscreen every single day. I love that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and it’s 110 SPF.

READING … I’ve been flying through the Half Bad series by Sally Green. It’s witches on the opposite side of the good vs evil spectrum who have to find a way to fight together to save their way of life. The main character is a boy and that just seems so unusual when it comes to witch books. I really like it. I also got half way through Six of Crows on audio but for some reason I got tired of it and put it away for awhile.

EATING … Garden produce. It’s not usually until the end of July before our garden really gets going but I’ve had radishes, blackberries, strawberries, zucchini, lettuce, garlic, potatoes, and squash so far!

DRINKING … Iced lattes. I get one almost every time I have a study session. Also- this Hibiscus Tea Lemonade recipe is on repeat at our house. I found a version of that recipe in a magazine years ago and have been making it ever since.

ORGANIZING … I’ve been working on putting a ‘big boy’ bed in my sons room and trying to organize his closet. I’ve also been working on the spare room and the basement- weeding out things to sell at a garage sale.

LETTING GO … of my book club. I got invited to attend a neighborhood book club back in March. I honestly did love the discussions but they don’t read the books that I’m interested in reading. They’re great book choices but when I only have a limited amount of time to read, I found I was reading their choices out of obligation rather than personal interest.

WISHING That all of my farmhouse dreams could come true.

ANTICIPATING Our family holds an annual dutch oven cook-off every year and it’s coming up in a few weeks. I won the competition last year with my Tikka Masala. I don’t really care about winning but I do love trying all the dishes that everyone comes up with. I’m thinking of doing something traditional like cobbler.

What have you been loving lately?


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  1. Wow that face lotion sounds great!

    Huh, you’re right, it is unusual to find a male protagonist in witch books. I never really realized that, but that’s odd. Where are all the male witches?!

    I am really jealous of your garden produce. I have never gardened or grown anything in my life lol, but homegrown veggies are always the best!

  2. Tanya Patrice

    Jul 17

    I let go of my book club dreams this year too. I still hope to find one that reads more of the type o books that I like. Also – wow – congratulations on the win last year for your Tikka Masala!! That’s awesome!!!