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Editing My (B)log Reader

I’ve used Feedly as my blog reader of choice ever since the demise of Google Reader. A few weeks ago I logged on and felt completely overwhelmed by the number of unread blog posts that popped up. It was time to make some changes…I’ve realized that I just can’t keep up with the amount of blogs I used to, so I sat down and began weeding out my feed. there was one main criteria that I kept at the top of my list when I was deciding which blogs were staying and which I had to say goodbye to…

  • Most of the blog posts needed to be interesting and relevant to me. If a blog published 5 posts a week then at least 3 of those needed to be ones I wanted to click on and read, otherwise I un-followed the blog.

So I ended up cutting my Feedly subscriptions down to 29 blogs.

  • 8 book blogs
  • 4 librarian/library blogs
  • 6 lifestyle/design blogs
  • 1 parenting blog
  • 2 food blogs
  • 2 fitness blogs
  • 2 planner blogs
  • 4 Utah/Local blogs (blogs that give me great information on local events, hikes, activities, etc.)

Years ago I actively sought out new blogs to read but I haven’t done that in ages. Now, I really only add a new blog when I’m introduced to one through social media or through another blogger I follow.

Feedly in the Bloggers ToolboxIf you use Feedly too, you may want to check out our post on Feedly Tips  and Tweaks!

What type of blogs do you keep in your reader?

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