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Evernote Search {Or Reason Number 1,657,003 Why You Should Use Evernote For Blogging}

App Love for Evernote

It’s no secret that one of my favorite, and most used apps is Evernote. As a blogger, I’ve found many uses for it, including Using it as a Blogging Editorial Calendar, and using the SEARCH feature to come up with related blog posts to the one I’m currently writing.

Why I Use Evernote Search Before Publishing Every Blog Post

Evernote highlights the search term in every note that it finds, and, if you’re sending your blog posts to Evernote, you can take full advantage of this feature by using it to find older relevant posts to the one you’re writing. I use this every time I’m writing a blog posts (see how I linked to Using Evernote as a Blogging Editorial Calendar above). Of course, you can search for terms on your blog and behind the scenes of your blog software, but mine doesn’t highlight the search phrase IN the post – does yours? No? Well, Evernote does!

How To Get Your Blog Post Into Evernote

Your blog post has to be in Evernote to take advantage of this feature. To get it done automatically, I use an “If This Then That” recipe on IFTTT.com (a site that’s incredibly useful for everyone) – here’s my (shared) recipe.

To make a similar recipe, choose:-

  • If “RSS Feed” (input your blog’s “Feed” location here for the “Trigger Channel”)
  • Choose Evernote as the “Action Channel”
  • Select “Create a Note” and fill out the form.

Note that you can specify the name of the Notebook you want the email to go directly to, unlike with the first method – that’s why this is what I use now. Also, personally, I don’t use tags for this.

Putting This System To Work

A search will reveal both the notebook name (which is the same as the blog post title) and the text in the blog post, with the search phrase highlighted. So, with a glance, I can eliminate posts that aren’t relevant. For the posts that are similar, I can then incorporate them in the new post I’m writing – and update the old posts if necessary.

Do you search through older posts and link them up in new ones?

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