Fall Life Experiments {The Tea and Supplements Edition}

Fall Life Experiments

For Fall, I wanted to experiment with doing some things differently to improve some aspects of my life + get back to some of the things I know work for me. So here are 2 things that I’m doing for wellness.

Fall Tea Blend

Caribbean Dreams Instant Ginger Tea (Unsweetened) + Celestial Teahouse Coconut Thai Chai Tea.

Cup of Tea for Fall

I’m a big believer in the power of ginger in cold and flu prevention. I add one packet of ginger + 1 teabag of the Coconut Thai Chai Tea primarily for flavor + a little Madhava Organic Maber Raw Blue Agave as a sweetener.

Fall Supplements Rx

  • Centrum Multivitamin Chewable
  • Nature’s Bounty Biotin 5000 mcg
  • Nature’s Bounty Probiotics 10 – 20 billion live probiotic cultures

The Biotin is for hair and nail growth, and I’m actively trying to grow my nails after years of biting them. (after 4 weeks so far, I’ve seen improvement).

I’m taking Probiotics for my sensitive tummy. A nutritionist friend told me to make sure there is at least a few hundred million live active cultures in the brand I take. So far – I think it seems to work as I haven’t had any tummy issues since I started taking it. Too soon to tell though.

Are you changing up your routine this Fall – trying anything new? Doing something differently?

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  1. Mmmm…your tea combo sounds delicious! I am a big fan of Celestial Seasonings’s teas, especially the Zingers. I can have caffeine so I love their herbal teas all day long – just got a cup of Lemon Zinger for a late afternoon pick-me-up!

    Ah, I take too many supplements to count (actually I did try to count at one point, and with meds and supplements, it was over 70 pills a day!). I take 100 billion units of probiotic a day! And, oddly, I had to quit Biotin because it was making my nails peel and break! I had a weird opposite reaction to it, as I’ve always had very string nails and very thick hair.

    Hmmm…new fall habits? Well, I was just realizing this weekend that I am doing very poorly on certain of my goals for the year – having to do with time out for myself, keeping in touch with far-away friends & family, and de-cluttering the house. So, I came up with a new strategy I just started this morning 🙂 When I make my to-do list for the week, I made sure to specifically add in items for each of those goals I never seem to manage. We’ll see how it goes! I am hoping that having these things on my to-do list will remind me to make time for them each week!

    Happy Fall!


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    • Tanya Patrice

      Nov 12

      @Sue Good luck with the new goals strategy. I’m in the market for some new tea so I’ll be checking out some more from Celestial Seasonings.

  2. Beth F

    Nov 06

    Sounds like such a warming tea. Perfect for winter.

  3. Intersting topic for a post. I got my flu injection, as I have no spleen so I’m in a risk category. And I try to be better at taking vitamins in the winter, along with a Royal Jelly supplement.

    That’s interesting about the tea, I’ll give it a try! I do keep a mixture of herbal teas in work and I love mixing them around.