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First Things First {Rituals and Routines}

First Things First

Do you have daily rituals? A routine that you follow when you do certain things? Here are my “firsts” rituals …

First Things First {Rituals and Routines}

When I Wake Up … go back to sleep … then wake up again. Every damn day. It could be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. But when I’m finally conscious, I lay in bed and think about my day – setting the 3 Most Important Tasks for the day, an idea I got from ZenHabits.

First Drink of the Day … Water. or Coffee. I prefer it to be water first, but that’s not always the case. I only drink 1 big cup of coffee per day. Anything more, and my stomach riots.

First Eats … Oatmeal. Plain with added fresh fruit, chia seeds, nuts and raisins or Craisins.

When I Get to Work … I walk to my office, drop my stuff, and then go talk to at least 3 people before I go back to my desk. This is my way of not being a hermit and finding out what’s going on with the day’s production.

When I See My Husband at the End of the Work Day … I always greet him with a kiss. And he greets me with “… ewwww” 🙂

When I see the Kids After Work … I ask them how was their day. Teenagers reply in mono-syllables most of the times, so I cherish the days I get full stories. Pre-teens – they vary a lot.

What are some of your daily rituals?

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