GXO Reading Challenges Group on Goodreads

Big Announcement today!! We’ve created a Goodreads group for the three reading challenges we host here on Girlxoxo! Read on to learn more about it…

GXO Reading Challenges on Goodreads

Last year we started an Instagram account for the blog and this year we officially introduced our challenges to both the blog and to Instagram. We invited all participants to post their progress both here on the blog, on Instagram, and on Goodreads. We realized that it made sense to create a GXO Goodreads group where everyone participating in the challenges could connect with each other.

How It Will Work

  • All three reading challenges (Monthly Motif, Monthly Key Word, & Book Awards) will be housed in the same Goodreads group, with separate discussion areas for each.
  • Each challenge will have a folder for every month of the year. In each fold you’ll find the prompt for that month as well as some book suggestions from us!
  • You can comment in each monthly folder with the book you plan to read for that month as well as offer up suggestions to other participants or get a book suggestion for yourself.
  • Once you’ve settled on a book and read it, you can comment on your book post with ‘CHALLENGE COMPLETE’ as a way to track your progress.
  • TIP – Try creating a Goodreads shelf for the challenges your are participating in to better track your challenge books.

Nuts and Bolts

  • The Goodreads group is completely optional!
  • Please still post your challenge progress to Instagram!
  • Weekly check in posts will still be going up on the blog- drop us a comment there too if you want to.
  • Tanya and I are currently working on getting all the monthly folders posted. So far we have January through June and will get the second half of the year done as soon as we can.



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  1. Sandra Olson

    Jan 08

    I choose the Monthly Book Award Challenge. I will read The Cut Out Girl by Bart van Es for January.