Haunted Dwellings #WickedGoodReads

I love a good ghost story! I think the best kind are the kind where you aren’t really sure if the spirit is there to help or hurt. Here are some recent paranormal reads that really creeped me out.

– KIM –

Home Before Dark, Riley Sager

Creepy old Victorian houses filled with ghosts are kind of my favorite thing. I couldn’t resist this story and it didn’t disappoint. 

Maggie Holt is used to such questions. Twenty-five years ago, she and her parents, Ewan and Jess, moved into Baneberry Hall. They spent three weeks there before fleeing in the dead of night, an ordeal Ewan later recounted in a nonfiction book called House of Horrors. When Maggie inherits Baneberry Hall after her father’s death, she returns to renovate the place to prepare it for sale. But her homecoming is anything but warm. The locals and the spirits of the house are not happy to see her.

Craven Manor, Darcy Coates

I don’t know if this is really a thing but I refer to Darcy Coates’ books and others like them as ‘cozy horror’. Paranormal and creepy but not so scary that you can’t read them before bed.

Daniel is desperate for a fresh start. So when a mysterious figure slides a note under his door offering the position of groundskeeper at an ancient estate, he leaps at the chance, even though it seems too good to be true. Against his better judgment, he moves into the grounds-keeper’s cottage tucked away behind the old family crypt. But when a candle flickers to life in the abandoned tower window, Daniel realizes he isn’t alone after all.

The Sun Down Motel, Simone St. James

Okay, the ghosts in this one are seriously crazy! There’s some major past associated with The Sun Down Motel and it’s coming back to haunt it’s current occupants. 

Upstate NY, 1982. Every small town like Fell, New York, has a place like the Sun Down Motel. Some customers are from out of town, passing through on their way to someplace better. Some are locals, trying to hide their secrets. Viv Delaney works as the night clerk to pay for her move to New York City. But something isn’t right at the Sun Down, and before long she’s determined to uncover all of the secrets hidden.

What is the best ghost story you’ve ever read?


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