Gift Guide for The Husband

Holiday gift buying for my husband stresses me out every year. He’s the type of guy that wears the same few items all the time, despite having a closet full of clothes, is not really into gadgets – but loves his sports. With those things in mind, I’ve compiled 6 items that are perfect for him.

Awesome Gifts for Husbands

Gifts for the Husband

Personalized Name Coffee Mug – RubyRidgeStudios / Etsy 0 actually I’m getting personalized mugs for all my family this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Always Right Pillowcases – Eugenie 2 / Etsy … that’s more for my benefit.

☆ Chicago Bulls Tickets for the game against the Brooklyn Nets – 2 of his favorite teams.

☆ A Chicago Bulls AND a New York Nets player jersey – since we live in Illinois now and he’s from NY.

Chicago Bulls

Beats by Dre Wireless Headphone Cord Replacement (bought him the headphones for Christmas last year and the cord got misplaced during our recent move)

☆ Massage – those pick-up games he plays a few times a week are starting to take their toll.

What are you getting your husband for Christmas this year? Or if you’re a married dude, what do you look forward to getting this year?

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  1. now those are some sweeeeet gifts! i especially love the pillowcases and mugs!