How I Plan to Make 2016 Rock

I’m not sure what it is but I just have this feeling that 2016 might top 2015 for me. And because I’m a firm believer that we create the life we live (even through hardships we can stay positive) I’ve jotted down a few things that are going to be really important in making 2016 a great year for me.

Let Go of Joyless Expectations and Commitments– I have spent the last couple of years embracing the mentality that if something doesn’t bring me joy then I don’t need to be doing it. I’m no longer an automatic “yes girl.” The only commitments I take on these days are ones that I’m excited about and my life is so much better for it.

Strive for Progress Not Perfection– I have personal expectations for 2016 but I don’t expect to be perfect in achieving these goals right away. I may not practice yoga three times a week religiously, but if I’m practicing more than I was last year, I’m happy.

Foster Great Connections– I love surrounding myself with people who have similar goals and interests. They inspire me and drive me to push myself. Last year I did a lame job of connecting with others. This year I’m planning on building and growing those types of friendships with others.

What goals or plans have you made for the new year?

What’s one thing that brings you joy every day?


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