How I Use a Sugar Paper Planner as a Bullet Journal For Work

At the start of the year, I switched from a Work Bullet Journal to a Sugar Paper Planner. I’m still using a bullet journal based system, and it has been working out really well. Here’s how I use it for work.

Planner Hardware

💓 2017 Sugar Paper (for Target) White Weekly Planer.
💓 Staedtler Pens – 4 pack (black, blue, red and green)
💓 Various sticky notes and note-pad paper

Monthly Calendar

  • This is my future planning section. I highlight dates for …
  • Travel / Work at other facilities (usually pink highlter running through the days)
  • Days Off (blue highlighter)
  • There’s a small “notes” area on the right, and I use it to write in possible travel dates that aren’t finalized.
  • The numbers on the left represent the number of weeks gone by in the year.

Weekly Calendar & To-Do

The right facing page is divided “this week” on top and a “remember / notes / to do” area below. I don’t separate my tasks though, so this is just one big section to me – and the heart of my system …

  • List tasks that have no specific due date (written in black ink)
  • Track when I’m waiting on responses from others. Every time I send an email that I need a response to – I write down a reminder to follow up with that person on that issue (written in blue).
  • Carryover tasks from the previous week (written in red).

Sugar Paper Planner Bullet Journal

The page on the left of the Weekly Layout has a vertical calendar with a space below each day. I use this section …

  • For tasks that have specific due dates (not that many)
  • Recurring tasks – like complete my expense report; submit my phone bill.


This is a section at the back of the journal with about 10 pages. I wondered what to do with this and ultimately decided to create a tracker each quarter, and use it to track various work projects and recurring activities that need to be done.

Sugar Paper Planner Project Tracker

Above is the January – March tracker. In the left column I listed the facilities I have responsibility for. Across the top, I have the project or recurring activity that’s being tracked.

For example, I send out a monthly customer complaint summary to most faciltiies, so across the top, you’ll find tracking CC (January), CC (February) and CC (March). If I’ve sent out the monthly complaint data, I shade it in green. If it’s not applicable to that facility then I shade it in black. If I didn’t do it that month – it’s left blank.

My system is a work in progress, but so far, I’ve liked the switch to using a traditional planner with bullet journal principles. What you won’t find are appointments – that’s captured on my digital calendar.

How to do you stay on top of tasks for your job?


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  1. Andi

    Mar 14

    I love this post SOOOOO much! I’m totally fascinated by the way people plan, and I want to read your post again and soak up more of your methods. I love my Erin Condren and sticker planning, but I also want to start doing more long-term stuff in a bullet journal/traveler’s notebook format. Wooohooo!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Mar 14

      @Andi I love seeing how people use their planners too. I also belong to some planner facebook groups.

  2. Resh Susan

    Mar 01

    I make notes. A lot of notes. But they are just random checklists. Not pretty like a bullet journal.:)

    • Tanya Patrice

      Mar 11

      @Resh oh I wish I could make mine as pretty as some of the ones I’ve seen!