How We Get Inspiration For Blog Posts and Keep Our Creative Juices Going

For content creators, coming up with ideas on the regular is not always the easiest things. We’ve been at this blogging thing for a while, and these are some of the ways that help us come up with ideas and generate post ideas.

1- Follow Blogs Both In and Outside of Our Niche

Some blogs I follow because the content is similar to ours and some just because I’m inspired by the blogger’s sense of style or how they do things. I use Feedly to follow blogs and have them categorized – Books, Lifestyle, Decor, Fitness, Food, Travel and Personal. These blog posts both inspire me, and can lead to me doing blog posts of my own. For example, this post on How We Get Inspiration and Keep Our Creative Juices Going, was inspired by this blog post on How I Keep My Creative Fuel Tank Topped Up Throughout The Year.

Feedly in the Bloggers Toolbox

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2-Re-visit Old Posts

After having a blog for a couple of years, old posts will be a gold mine. Usually, we look up past posts for the upcoming month or 2 and then brainstorm. Some ideas …

3- Keep a List of Posts Where It’s Accessible Anytime

We keep our blog calendar in Evernote, which is accessible online, or as a program to download or as a phone app. Personally – I use the online version and the app on my phone. Both are usually close by and when an idea for a blog post hits, I’m able to capture it by adding it in an empty slot on the calendar. When it’s time to write the actual post – sometimes, we keep the idea, sometimes it gets tossed – and sometimes it may morph into a different topic.

Some people prefer to keep their lists in a bullet journal, others use different digital platforms.

blog editorial calendars

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4- Holidays and Seasons

Holidays and seasons can provide the biggest inspiration. There are fun, funky holidays that you may be able to incorporate into your blog and of course, there are the 4 seasons and other major holidays. My biggest tip would be to write out the holidays for the upcoming year that you’d like to have content for – and then plan the content for these holidays so you know wayin advance what you need to do. This is something I’m working on – as they always seem to sneak up on me – but it’s a wasted opportunity not to do it.

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6 – Planning Ahead

This may not sound like something that would provide inspiration – but … hear me out. When you allow yourself the time to get inspiration – instead of trying to do it last minute – it provides opportunity for your mind to wander and reflect – and ultimately come up with ideas. So try it! No matter where you are write now (whether you’re ahead or behind) – start thinking about 2 to 3 months ahead … and start planning for that. It’s November at the time of writing this post – so start thinking about blog post ideas for January and Winter (or whatever season it is in your neck of the woods).

Are any of the ideas above similar to what you do? Which one(s)? Or where do you get inspiration from for your blog posts?

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  1. Lauren

    Nov 17

    without planning ahead im not sure i could blog efficiently any more, its such a life saver

  2. Thanks for the tips! I keep a list of post ideas, but it’s a small list. I’ve been blogging for 5 years. It’s getting really hard to come up with stuff I haven’t done already.

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