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Terrifying Audiobooks {Make the Most of a Creepy Book – Listen to the Audiobook Version}

Terrifying Audiobooks

If you want to get the full effect of a creepy book – then let me tell you, the audiobook is the way to go! To get even more into it – do it when you’re home alone, in bed, with ALL of the lights turned OFF!

My first experience with listening to a chilling audiobook was earlier this year with The Passage by Justin Cronin. That book creeped me out in the worse way, and a lot of it had to do with the excellent narration by Scott Brick, Adenrele Ojo and Abby Craden. But also the intimate setting of listening to a book makes everything a bit more realistic.

With The Passage, there was a lot of back-story before the “virals” (aka vampires) were made, and that slow buildup was almost excruciatingly suspenseful at times. But when these things were finally let loose, and the World descended rapidly into hell … it was almost like I was there and seeing the end of humanity. Scary! And then the poor few survivors. The mental games that the virals could play was terrible and seeing them lose their minds was almost too much.

After that book, I swore that I wouldn’t listen to any more horror books on audio … and since Rotters by Daniel Kraus isn’t really horror I thought I was safe. But what didn’t occur to me was that creepy books aren’t necessarily going to have “horror” as a genre … I would describe Rotters as “dark contemporary.”

The audiobook narrator is Kirby Heyborne – and he was so good, he won an award (a 2012 Odyssey Award for Best Audiobook produced for Children or Young Adults). The part that he did stupendously was the voice of “Baby” a grave digger who was going insane. He had a Southern drawl and the most nightmarish voice you’ll ever hear!

Of course, now my opinion is doing a complete turnaround and I want to listen to more creepy audiobooks!

What book that you think would be slightly more terrifying as an audiobook?


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