Monthly Motif March Check In {Take A Trip}

March Monthly MotifThe March theme for the 2016 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge is Take A Trip. What are you going to read?

Kim – Looking forward to diversifying my reading this month by heading to India! My pick is The Golden Son, Shilpi Somaya Gowda.

golden son

Anil is the cherished son of a large family in rural India. As the eldest boy, he is expected to inherit the role of leader of his clan and arbiter of its disputes, dispensing wisdom and good advice. Leena is his closest companion, a fiercely brave girl who loves nothing more than the wild terrain they inhabit and her close-knit family. As childhood friends, they are inseparable—but as adulthood approaches, they grow apart.

Tanya – I’m going to Lagos, Nigeria with Lagoon, Nnedi Okorafor. Not only am I going to somewhere new, but I’m going to meet some aliens too!


When a massive object crashes into the ocean off the coast of Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous and legendary city, three people wandering along Bar Beach (Adaora, the marine biologist- Anthony, the rapper famous throughout Africa- Agu, the troubled soldier) find themselves running a race against time to save the country they love and the world itself … from itself.

When you’ve completed your Take A Trip read for this challenge, link to your review using the linky below. The linky will remain open until April 10th, 2015.

Plus, share in the comments – Where will you be traveling to with your book?


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  1. Sarah

    May 03

    I read Robinson Crusoe for March’s challenge. The main character goes to many different places in the book (England, Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, France, etc.), none of which are my home country of the USA.

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