Monthly Motif May Highlights {Story of Survival}

may highlightsWow! The last couple of months have been a crazy busy time for both of us but we still managed to squeeze in some great reading. We hope you all are plugging along with the Monthly Motif challenge and enjoying it. We have some fun themes coming up in the months ahead. Here’s what we both read for May’s theme, Story of Survival and a few highlights from some of you!

Kim – I listened the audio version of Under Different Stars, Amy A. Bartol. Let me start by saying that I was totally into this book and sped through it in just a few days. I really enjoyed it. Is it the best book in the world? No. But it’s not bad either. The story is not super unique as far as young adult dystopians go. I found it predictable (especially the romantic bits) but in a really satisfying kind of way. I’m intrigued to see where this series goes and I hope Kricket, the main character, breaks the barriers a bit.

Tanya -I planned on reading Wool, Hugh Howey but I didn’t get to it. Instead, I picked up some dystopian books that focused on surviving in those societies. My favorite was The Girl With All the Gifts, M.R. Carey – where zombies rule the day. It was an awesome book that sucked me in as soon as I started it.

Julie, Cinzia, and Katrina are completely kicking butt on this challenge! June’s theme is Girlxoxo Recommends. Browse through our Bookish Archives or take a look at our five star ratings on Goodreads (Tanya and Kim) and pick your next book! Tell us what you picked in the comments.


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