My Summer Workout Schedule

summer workoutOne thing I know for sure when I plan out a workout schedule is that it will have to be flexible. My schedule will need to change daily, weekly, seasonally-and it should! That’s what keeps things interesting and keeps you progressing.

I have a rough idea of what I want my days/weeks to look like fitness-wise but I also know that, as a mom of a two year old, I may have to alter things at the last minute. So here is a look at what my schedule is going to look like this summer…

MONDAYS- 15 minute Yoga practice (at home) + 1 hr Cardio Tap class OR 1 hr Dance Fitness class

TUESDAYS- 1 hr Toning Boot Camp Class OR 15 minute HIIT home workout + 1 hr Restorative Yoga Class

WEDNESDAYS- 15 minute HIIT home work + Hike or Bike

THURSDAYS- 15 minute HIIT home workout + 1 hr Yoga Flow Class OR 1 hr Toning Boot Camp Class

FRIDAYS- 1 hr Restorative Yoga Class OR Rest Day + Stretching

WEEKENDS- Family Hiking or Biking

What Works For Me…

  1. I have a couple of workout options for each day and I plan to do my best to keep things balanced out between yoga, cardio, and toning. I also need to make sure that I’m working legs, arms, abs, etc equally.
  2. A couple of times per week I’ll put the kiddo in the bike trailer and we’ll ride over to the park or the library and I try to turn that in to my workout.
  3. On the weekends we almost always bike or hike as a family when the weather is nice.
  4. I find that I thrive off of group fitness classes because I love feeling the energy and determination of my class mates. But because it’s not always feasible for me to get to a class, I try to keep a variety of workouts saved on Youtube, or printed out so I can do them at home if I need to. I’m learning to make the most of the at home workouts but it can be tough for me.

What’s your workout plan for the summer? Do you like group fitness classes?


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  1. Akilah

    Apr 23

    Tell me more about this cardio tap class!