New #6BookishDegreesofSeparation

6 Bookish Degrees of Separation

Inspired by the 6 Degrees of Separation meme hosted by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman, we recreating something similar with #6BookishDegreesofSeparation. The theme for the first link in the chain this month is ✮ New

  1.  The Fireman by Joe Hill is one of the ✮ New Releases ✮ coming out in 2016 that I’m most looking forward to reading.
  2. The last book I read soon after it’s release date was The Girl in the Spider’s Web, David Lagercrantz, which turned out to be one of my fave reads for the year.
  3. The Girl in the Spider’s Web was originally a Swedish publication, and reading more ✮ translated fiction ✮ like that is one of my reading goals for this year. I’ve already gotten started with Cockroaches, Jo Nesbo.
  4. Unfortunately, Cockroaches is my least favorite book of the Harry Hole series, and coincidentally, roaches are my least favorite insects. Another ✮ book with an insect in the title ✮ is The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith. But this one I liked (both the book and the insect).
  5. The Silkworm is set in London and I love it when a book has details about it’s location. Another of my favorite ✮ books set in London ✮ is Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman.
  6. Neverwhere is one of the few books where ✮ I didn’t like the main character but liked the book ✮ . Richard Mayhew was so daft! But all the other characters more than made up for his flaws. Unfortunately, it’s rare that I can divorce the 2 feelings. Another book where that happened though was The Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler. Here, Lauren Olamina had some “teenage know-it-all tendencies” that were sometimes irritating.

So 6 books linked together by – new – translated fiction – book with an insect in the title – books set in London – dislike the main character but liked the book. Have you read any of the books?

If you join in the fun of #6BookishDegreesofSeparation, link up your post below so we can check it out. The first link in the chain for next month (March) will be ✮ TIME ✮ so feel free to join in and interpret how you wish … past … future … time travel …


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  1. Heather

    Feb 25

    Lauren didn’t bother me too much until they were on the road. Then she seemed to try to get all mystical and that got annoying.

  2. I read a couple Nesbo’s a few years ago and loved The Snowman, but didn’t much like the ones I read after that (and now can’t remember their titles!!).

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 25

      @Sarah I love The Snowman too and I like most of the books he’s written too.

  3. Kim@Time2Read

    Feb 25

    I haven’t read any of these. In fact, the only one I remember ever hearing about is The Silkworm!

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