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#AppLove Cal {Calendar App}

Digital Lifehack: App Love for Cal

My primary calendar to schedule my life resides on my smartphone. I’ve used the free app, Cal for over a year, and it’s probably the most used app on my phone. It integrates well with Google Calendar, which is what I access if I’m at laptop or desktop.

The interface and ease of use of Cal is excellent. They make good use of photos that are gorgeous to look at and throw a little happy in your day. But what really seals the deal for me is how well the address of any event you input gets pulled up on a map, and directions to said event are almost automatic. The day of the appointment, I just click on the app, and go.

Cal Mobile App


What’s on your calendar? For me, it’s usually …

  • workout classes
  • doctor’s / dentist visits for the family
  • travel plans for work (or personal)
  • my kids swim meets, cross-county and track meets
  • races I’m participating in
  • outings

What app do you use to keep track of your appointments? Or are you paper based?

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