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October Kicked Ass Now It’s On to November


October saw me finally settle into a routine with work, fitness and blogging – only to have it upended by switching to night shifts for a week. Oh well, I’m putting all that “good habit learning” into effect and just trying to roll with it. Right noe I’m back in NY to watch my brother run the NY Marathon. What an amazing accomplishment by all those runners! Any big changes for you in October?


It was all about #WickedGoodReads here on Girlxoxo, which I already recapped here, so I won’t go into it again, except to say I loved the comments and now have a reading list a mile long!

Wicked Good Reads

 {Fit Bits}

Dude, I crushed it this month (well, really the 2nd half of this month, but whatevs). My fitness goals for the month were to log 50 miles running, and go to Crossfit at least 3x a week. Mission Accomplishedimage

Looking Forward … November

4x Crossfit every week.
Log 65 miles running.
Run a Turkey Trot
✱ Turn it up on the nutritious eating front, starting with Veggies every day – back to green smoothies.
✱ Run outside at least once per week instead of solely on the treadmill * this is going to be so hard because I’m allergic to the cold … #caribbeanlifestyle

How was your month. What are you looking forward to in November.

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