On Only Reading Books You Can Relate To … Why?

I like to only read [insert book genre here] books because “I can relate” to it.” This is an argument that I’ve seen around quite a bit, so I’d like to offer a few reasons why I DON’T ONLY read books I can relate to.

If I only read books “I can relate to” I would never read …

– Books written by men
– Books with vampires, werewolf, zombie, shape-shifters etc.
– Books written by someone that is not Black
– Books with Gay characters
– Books narrated by young adults (or kids)

Because I AM NOT …

– A man

– A vampire, werewolf, zombie or a shape-shifter (though I wish)
– White
– Gay
– A child (or young adult)

If I only read books “I can relate to” I would never read …

– Books about other planets
– Fantasy books
– Books set in anyone of the MANY countries I haven’t visited
– Books that feature time travel

Because I HAVE NOT …

– Visited any other planets
– Visited any fantasy worlds
– Visited many of the countries around the World
– Time traveled

Do you only read books you can relate to, or do you branch out from time to time?


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  1. I like what Kim had to say. I need to have have something that I can relate to in the book, it doesn’t have to be much but at least a little something. I do not however what to relate to a book so much that it resembles my own life. One of the reasons I read is to be able to escape what is going on in my life, so why would I want to read about that in books?

    Plus if I only stuck to books that were completely relatable to me that would be so boring!

    • Tanya Patrice

      July 2, 2015

      Exactly Kimberly. Sometimes I don’t have to relate to the book – but it is hard for me when I find the main character annoying. I can’t get over that.

  2. Kim@Time2Read

    July 2, 2015

    Interesting question. I’ve never really thought about this. I imagine most of the books I really enjoy I relate to in some way. For example, I am not a man, but that doesn’t mean that a book written by a man won’t have something in it that I can relate to. Maybe the book is set in Boston and I have spent time in Boston. Maybe I’ve never visited another planet but I’ve studies other planets extensively. Just thinking ‘out loud’ here….but I probably can relate to most books in some way or another.

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