(O)rganizing a To Do List With Evernote App and Widget {Digital Lifehack}

Finally, I have found a digital To Do list management system that works for me, and it uses one of my favorite apps – Evernote – by adding a widget to my (Android) homescreen.

On my phone, I have a separate homescreen that displays the Evernote widget with my To Do list.

Evernote ToDo List App Widget


Here’s how I did it …

☆ Of course, make sure you have the Evernote app installed.

☆ Make a notebook where all the “To Do list notes” will reside. I call mine GSD for “Getting Shit Done”. Note I use thw web version of Evernote in addition to the app because sometimes, I work with the bigger screen of my laptop.

☆ Add the Evernote List widget to one of your phone’s homescreens (typically, long-pressing a blank, available space on your home screen).

☆ Press the settings button on the widget (which is the last button on the right side).

Evernote App widget

☆ Under “List Options” Click “Show” and decide on which system you’ll setup to show your notes. I’m using “Reminders” because I add a reminder to all my “todo list” notes.

☆ Click the “Sort” option – and I select “Date”. And then select a notebook to save notes you make using the widget. As I mentioned before, my “todo list” is housed in the “GSD” notebook I made.

☆ The other options are to show which shortcuts you want displayed in the widget, and which of the 2 themes you want to use.

Evernote ToDo List

☆ Using Evernote to display and add to a ToDo List is so freaking easy, fast and effective! To add a note, just click on one of the shortcuts at the top of the widget (e.g. to type a note, add a voice note or take a picture or).

☆ I usually use the “note” icon and type what I want to be reminded of in the title, and any details I need in the body of the note. Then I add a reminder date and save.

☆You can see what’s on my list above. The beauty of using reminders is that when I complete a task – I can click on the checkbox beside it, and it will be crossed out, and removed from the screen the next time I check the todo list.

Using Evernote app and widget has finally allowed me to let go of paper lists. What’s your “todo” list management system – paper or digital?


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  1. Steve

    Jan 17

    This is a really good idea and so simple. I have implemented your suggestions and believe I am really going to like the system.

    One question: When I check a task as done on the widget it crosses it out but it doesn’t seem to disappear. I think I have set things up exactly as you described. What am I missing?

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 18

      @Steve when the screen refreshes it will be removed.

  2. I love the creative ways you use Evernote! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!