#PlannerGirl {Why a Digital Calendar Works Better For Me}

Last year, I became a #plannergirl … briefly. I got a (disc) planner, which I still love to this day, ripped out all the pages and replaced them with gorgeous cardstock patterned paper, and then bought a ton of stickers, cards, colored pens, stamps … I mean a LOT of stuff. Then I got to planning my days.


Plannergirl Planner

Unfortunately, I ended up spending more time decorating my planner pages than actually using it. It was fun, but I found that my work and personal calendar are better kept on my phone – which I have with me at all times – and I get a notification before my appointments … AND I even get a map to my destination. No paper calendar system can beat that. And I don’t want to duplicate efforts.

The planner was also bulky, whereas my phone was one gadget with multiple uses … phone / calendar / audio player / fitness tracker … just to name a few.

Cal Mobile App

And then there’s all the #plannergirlsupplies that I got. Way too much money spent, and way too much stuff! I’m more inclined to minimalism and that’s what finally woke me up from this beautiful, but ultimately “so not me” experiment. A digital calendar works better to track events and appointments than a paper based system – for me.

So, the #plannergirllife is just not for me … in the case of tracking appointments. But don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe “to each his own”, so I’m not coming down on anyone who loves the #plannerlifestyle – and I still use it in other ways.

Guided Journals

Instead of an event based calendar, this year, I’m going to try a guided journal. Kimberly wrote about 5 Awesome Guided Journals out there, and I’ll be trying the Q & A Five Year Journal. I also checked around and have decided to try the Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days.

Daily Greatness Journal

I’ll be updating you a few months into the New Year to let you know how it’s working for me.

Do you use a paper or digital calendar? Have you ever tried a guided journal?


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  1. I’m a planner girl and I love creating my weekly spreads. I find making the lists on paper and making everything pretty is just a little time out for me and it helps set me in the right frame of mind for the week. I appreciate the ‘unplugged’ time too. That said I love my phone too and always stick appointments in my calendar there too as I need the reminders, I usually do that straight from text message confirmations though so it doesn’t feel like it takes any effort.
    I think we all find what works best for us and it was worth experimenting to find that medium! And ouch I hear on the price of those planner supplies!

  2. Andi

    Jan 15

    Can’t wait to learn more about your experience with guided journaling. I have a paper planner because it helps me get a longer view down the road at things my kiddo has going on and whatnot. I definitely lean toward minimalism.

  3. I’m completely digital and with you. I’ve never been the artistic type, at least in terms of “art.” Creative in terms of writing but not art. It’s just not me. Plus like you, I like having everything in one place. So much easier.

  4. Michelle

    Jan 13

    Ha! I’m definitely a #plannergirl all the way. I have cut back on the amount of decorating I do. It is pretty, but I still want my planner to be functional. Plus, it just takes so much time. I do find decorating to be cathartic though, so I doubt I will ever do away with it completely. I have tried to get into digital planning, but there is something about putting pen to paper that makes things stick in a way digital planning does not. For me anyway. But that’s why there are so many systems and methods of planning!

  5. Ha! I’ve just decided that I’m the opposite. I want a paper planner (but, so far, I’m resisting the stickers and such). My journal is digital because it’s not uncommon for me to write several thousand words as I’m logging throughout my day and that’s just too slow by hand.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 12

      @Joy ooh that’s a lot of writing daily! I can’t think of enough to write to keep a straight journal.

  6. Kim@Time2Read

    Jan 12

    Haha! I had to laugh at your #plannergirl experience! I was tempted a few months ago. I mean….they ARE pretty! But where are they when you need them? Certainly not where you can access them! I’m digital all the way. Even my reading journal. I saw some pretty printable online and decided “I can do that!” and immediately created some spreadsheet pages, added pretty graphics, and saved them to my iCloud where I can access them on my computer, my phone, and my tablet!

    The 5-year journal sounds similar to something I tried last year. A box of 365 index cards with 12 tabs, and label the cards Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3, etc. Then each day write the year and 1 or 2 sentences about your day. Move the card to the back and repeat every day. This was supposed to be good for several years. I got as far as finding the box — then started a new notebook in Evernote! It worked pretty well for a couple of weeks. I’m just not a journaler.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Jan 12

      @Kim lol love your comment! I’m digital 90% of the time, but my to do list is still pen and paper. I can’t type fast enough!

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