Reading Lately – Devouring a Series

Tanya Patrice here checking in with you this week. So things have been mega quiet here at GXO this year, and as Kim said last week our households have just been taken over by doing a lot with our families.

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For me, my oldest son came back from the Navy earlier this year and he’s trying to figure out what he’s going to do going forward. He’s got his own apartment and enrolled in community college which starts in a few weeks. My youngest went off to college last weekend – 3 hours away. I’m excited for him but as we dropped him off and drove away I felt the sadness come over me.

Other than family time, I’ve been mostly running, some cycling and reading. I got completely sucked into the Glass and Steel novels by C. J. Archer. I listen to the audio books of the first 10 novels in the series over the last fw months! Clearly I was obsessed!!! The audio book narrator was fantastic.

I finished a few weeks ago and took a break from reading – I just couldn’t get into anything … can you relate to just needing a break after going through a very good book or series?

But I just started the audio book of Stephen Kings latest novel, Billy Summers. It’s about a hitman that’s about to retire – but first he’s doing just one more job. We know that’s not good – and he knows that spells disaster too. I’m not far into it yet but I’m really feeling it.

I have no idea what to read after that but I may give audiobooks a break and read some fantasy.

What genre are you reading this week?


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