Reading, Watching, Listening, Eating Lately [Holiday Weekend Edition]

Happy Labor Day to those in the States. Hubs had Friday off, as well as today, so we’ve been enjoying an extra long weekend. With no travel plans, and one kiddo who came down with a stomach bug, we spent the last couple of days bumming around the house. We did Fall chores, preserved peaches from our tree, tested out my new air fryer, and watched movies. And, of course, I did a lot of reading!


On Thursday we made a trip to the library to stock up for the weekend. I picked up the last of my holds for my Spooky Season reading plans. I’m going to need help prioritizing these. Here’s what I got….


I’ve set out to make a list of all the shows I want to watch this fall in preparation for Halloween! I’d love some more recs if you have any to share. We started by watching Fear Street on Netflix and I am in complete RL Stine nostalgic heaven!! 


I pulled up my Fall Vibes Spotify playlist the other day and listened to it while cleaning. It was nice but weirdly enough I’ve been craving techno and house music lately. *shrug* I’ve also started to listen to the Spooky Gals Podcast which is a fun treat. I’m not that far in but I like it so far. And in terms of audiobooks- I just started The 7 1/2 Death’s of Evelyn Hardcastle, Stuart Turton. I plan to watch the Netflix adaptation after finishing it.


Our peach tree has been overflowing lately. No canning this year because a nasty wind storm knocked a bunch of the peaches off the tree prematurely. We did manage to slice and freeze several bags worth though and we’ve been eating a ton of fresh peaches. I’ve made peach crisp and we’ve had peaches and cream steel cut oats to name a couple of things. Photo is from last year- Sadly no apples or pears this year as those trees produce every other year and this is an off year. 

P.S. – If you haven’t read The Year of the Witching, Alexis Henderson, do it! It’s such a good one for this time of year.

What have you been Reading, Watching, Listening to, Eating, lately?


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