#ReadThis … 5 Books With Plot Twists & Endings That I Didn’t See Coming

There have been quite a few books I’ve read this year, with surprise plot twists & endings that I didn’t see coming!

A Storm of Swords (The Song of Ice & Fire #3), George R.R. Martin

I think the plot twists in this book were kept on the hush hush, until the tv series came out. Then all of a sudden, everybody and their cousins started talking about “The Red Wedding”. I’m glad I read the book prior to this, because I was TOTALLY surprised … and unprepared! There aren’t too many times that I book makes me exclaim out loud – but this was undeniably one of the most memorable of such occasions. If you haven’t read this book yet – then DO IT NOW! (My Discussion | Amazon| Goodreads)

A Feast for Crows (The Song of Ice & Fire #4), George R.R. Martin

This book was one of my least favorite in the series BUT I have to give it props for that ending – which I didn’t see coming … at all! And there was also a nice little plot twist involving Cersei, which made me rub my hands with glee.

Come to think of it, George Martin has been throwing crazy plot twists at us since Book 1, A Game of Thrones, so you think by now, I’d know to always expect the unexpected! But nope, he still gets me, every single time.

Liar, Justine Larbalesteir

What a head trip of a book! The main character tells us right upfront that she’s a pathological liar, and little she says can be believed, but when that plot twist came, it caught me completely unawares. Out of my mouth came … “whaatttt???!!!” And what makes it worse – the girl lies all the time, so at the end of the book, I still don’t know if what she said is for real or not.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

The author did an excellent job of teasing out the story, giving us a slow buildup to some startling revelations … and more … and more. And guess what – the characters are so damn UNLIKABLE! This is another book that’s a head trip … total mindfuckery as I said when I discussed it.

Railsea, China Mieville

Mieville being who he is, had to give us a freakish ending to Railsea. If you’ve read his other books, you’ll know that he’s on some other sh&t as the kids say. The World of his books is always really weird, and this book was no exception. But the ending was … it was underwhelming, in a “that’s it?!” kind of way, but also very appropriate … in a cynical sort of way. You just have to read this one to get it … can any of Mieville’s books be explained to others easily? I’ve only read Kraken and Embassytown, and they were both … way out there!

Did you read any of these books? What book have you read lately that surprised the heck out you with the plot twist?


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  1. Paula

    Nov 24

    Gone Girl was awesome! I never saw that coming! I’ve read all of Gillian Flynn’s books, and most of her character’s are unlikable, but she still makes them so interesting. Great list!

  2. Claudia

    Nov 23

    Great list of books! I love twist endings! I get so disappointed when I can figure out what will happen at the end of a novel I’m reading. I have an awesome recommendation for a future list called “The Question” by R. Breuer Stearns (http://rbreuerstearns.com/). The book focuses on a group of government scientists working on a group think project. This unity of minds has come together to determine if God exists and you can imagine the kind of controversy that follows such an experiment. The book truly is a philosophical journey that covers a wide range of topics. I felt the characters were well developed and best of all the SUSPENSE and plots twists and turns in this book were amazing. I really hope you and your readers will check out “The Question” (Happy Reading!)

  3. Angel

    Oct 22

    I haven’t read any of these yet. I will need to add them to my list. Thanks for joining in #throwbackthursday

  4. Thanks for sharing with #ThrowbackThursdaylinkup. I have read Gone Girl which I totally didn’t see the ending coming either. I finished The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain recently and that had some jaw-dropping plot twists in it!

  5. Kate

    Oct 17

    Stopping by from Throwback Thursday Link up! I think most of the George RR Martin books have too many twists and turns for me, but those two especially…I really hope he finishes the next book soon! haha I can’t wait to read Liar, that sounds amazing. I have to prepare myself for an unexplained ending though…those tend to mess with my head for weeks!

  6. I LOVED A Feats for Crows! And yes to Cersei’s fate… Tee hee 😀 😛 Also, I agree, he is master of twists and I just cannot wait to see how it all turns out.

  7. Tina

    Oct 19

    Oh, you are so right about the George Martin books! I just finished Dance with Dragons so I can say, without spoilers, there are parts that will blow you away. I had to read the end pages twice. Wow.

    I read Gone Girl, that was nice and twisty, have not tried the other two. Liar looks interesting.

  8. I loved Gone Girl and happily didn’t hear about any of the twists before I read the book.

    And oddly enough, Embassytown and Railsea are the only Mieville books I haven’t read LOL! I highly recommend Perdido Street Station and even higher, The Scar.

  9. Pamela D

    Oct 18

    I have only read Storm of Swords, so I feel the need to skip your comments on the other books until I read them. I wish that I am unspoiled about SOIAF; however, once I started watching the show I read up on the book series like crazy. I like to say that I am okay with spoilers, but when a show or book surprise me I am really pleased. Clearly, I need to start reading faster, so I can’t spoil myself.

  10. The only one I’ve read so far is Gone Girl and everything about that book took me by surprise! I saw none of it coming. Loved it.

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