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Spring Goals {The 2016 Edition}

Spring Goals

Spring Goals

What are you hoping to focus on in the next few months?

I started this year thinking that I would just be intentional about creating good habits for myself. Well- it’s not working. I’ve realized that I’m one of those people who needs concrete goals and a concrete plan for accomplishing those goals…

  1. Fitness– Right now my focus is on yoga, flexibility, and building strength. I’ve been scoping out 30 day yoga challenges for months and finally settled on this one.
  2. Reading– Audio books are where it’s at for me right now. For the next couple of months I’m going to work my way through my Audible library starting with Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter.
  3. Get Outside– Still raining and snowing here but I’ve let that stop me for far too long. I’ve set a goal to enjoy some fresh air every single day. This means bike rides, playing in the yard, prepping the garden, hiking the dry trails, and walks.
  4. Sleep Less– Seriously. I get up when the kiddo gets up and I pass out when the kiddo passes out. I’ve kind of let his schedule run my life for awhile now. I’d like to get up a bit earlier to do grad school work and stay up a bit later to hang out with my husband.

Are you making progress towards your yearly goals? Do you have a word for the year?

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