Summer Work (G)ear {Work Uniform and Work Carry} #SummerAtoZ

Summer Work Carry

With a lot of demands on my time, I’ve become a creature of habit – especially when it comes to my routines for work. Here’s a look at my summer work gear.

Work Wear

I work in a food manufacturing facility, where I don’t have to dress up everyday and could literally wear jeans and a t-shirt if I wanted to. But I don’t. Inspired by Why I Wear The Exact Same Thing to Work Every Day and a response article over at Cup of Joe, I have a summer “uniform”.

Summer Work Wear

The main reasons this works for me …

  1. It helps me cut down on my morning prep time. I’m at work by 6AM everyday – so the more sleep I can get, the better.
  2. I also see the same people everyday – no customers or clients coming in.
  3. I have to wear pants to work – no skirts or capri pants in a manufacturing (or lab) environment. Ever.
  4. My budget thanks me.

If I dressed up more for work … I love the Washingtonian’s What I Wear to Work series for inspiration.

Work Carry

Summer Work Carry

My bag and setup has changed quite a bit since Work Carry {The Fall Edition}. I ditched the laptop bag + handbag setup for just 1 bigger bag (from Dress Barn).

In it – I have a Targus Case with HP Ultrabook (laptop) + ARC Planner (Staples) + a Sharpie Fine Tip pen and Flash drive in the zippered pocket. I leave my charger at work and at home, so I don’t have to take it with me.

Work Gear Laptop

Also in my bag are a Sunglasses (case) + leather pouch (stole it from my pops).

The pouch has my wallet, phone, battery pack, makeup pouch with lipgloss, lip crayon and lip balm , re-purposed Altoids tin which now keeps my headphones and charger cord.

Summer Work Handbag Essentials

Not pictures – a water bottle and an umbrella.

The bag can be a little on the heavy side thanks to the big planner and laptop, which is why I try to keep as few items in it as possible.

Would you consider having a “work uniform”? Do you have a formula for what you wear or take with you to work?


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  1. I work for a small family company, we literally work in their house so no uniform for me either. I basically have split my wardrobe so that I have work clothes and non work clothes but sometimes I fail miserably and end up mixing the two. I basically just go for a version of jeans, converse, t-shirt, light scarf look.

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