Tag: A Day in the Life

Last Things Last {Rituals and Routines}

Life • 3 Comments

I always find the routines and rituals of other people completely fascinating. Do you? Yesterday Tanya took you through her...

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First Things First {Rituals and Routines}

Life • 8 Comments

Do you have daily rituals? A routine that you follow when you do certain things? Here are my “firsts” rituals …...

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App Life {The Late Fall Indian Summer Edition}

Organizing • 4 Comments

On a recent trip to NY, I realized just how much I rely on my phone and apps. Here’s my current smart phone setup....

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My Morning Routine {The Early Fall 2015 Weekday Edition}

Life • 10 Comments

One of my favorite sites is My Morning Routine. It’s interesting to see the similarities and differences in people’s routine....

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