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10 Awesome (S)ummertime Reads To Add To Your Reading List

Bookish • 5 Comments

Since we both use Goodreads to track the books we’ve read, we can use it to look back at our faves. We want to shout out to these...

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Top 10+ Books That Blew Our Minds in 2016

Bookish • 16 Comments

This end of year favorite books list is one of our favorite posts to write. We read so many awesome books and to narrow it down was a...

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Reading Outside The Comfort Zone #AMonthofFaves2016

Bookish • 7 Comments

Have you stepped outside of your favorite reading genre(s) this year?...

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7 Awesome Audiobook Narrations of 2016 #AMonthofFaves

Bookish • 9 Comments

We are huge fans of audiobooks here at Girlxoxo and really love the benefit of being able to ‘read’ a book while on the go. The...

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3 Popular Books Worth The Hype #AMonthofFaves2016

Bookish • 3 Comments

Some books are hyped up like crazy. It’s the talk surrounding the book (after people have had a chance to read it) that we like to...

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Zoned Out #6BookishDegreesofSeparation


Inspired by the 6 Degrees of Separation me, we recreating something similar with #6BookishDegreesofSeparation. The theme for the first link...

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