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4 Books in Verse for National Poetry Month

Bookish • 3 Comments

About three or four years ago I discovered books written in verse. I feel kind of silly admitting that I really didn’t know this was...

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Favorite Book Covers [The 2020 Edition]

Bookish, Favorites

At the end of the year, we like to look back at our favorites reads – Popular Books Worth the Hype, The Best Books Kim Read This...

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The Best Books I Read This Year [2020 Edition]

Bookish, Favorites • 3 Comments

Wow! 2020 turned out to be a fantastic reading year for me. Over the past 5 years I’ve managed to read around 40 books a year. This...

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Popular Books Worth the Hype

Bookish • 5 Comments

Which books did you read this year that you saw all over blogs, your friends were pushing or it was praised to the high heavens by the...

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Fall Holidays Reading Guide [The 2020 Edition]


Autumn is the coziest season for reading books, isn’t it?! And there’s plenty of holidays that offer opportunity to get comfy...

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2020 New Releases on Our Radar

Bookish • 4 Comments

One of the most exciting things about a new year is perusing the many lists of new releases expected to come out. There are quite a few...

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5 Popular Books Worth the Hype [and 1 Not Worth It] #AMonthofFaves

Bookish • 9 Comments

This year there were many books that totally rocked our socks! And then there were the few books that left us wanting more and wondering...

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9 More Fiction Recommendations to Add Diversity to Your Book Club Selections

Bookish • 2 Comments

In the past we’ve shared quite a few solid reading recommendations to add diversity to your book club selections. Check out 4 Reading...

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