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Keyword Connect [Eye]


Pick any of the keywords for this month from the Monthly Keyword Challenge and make connections. This month choices are Star, Cry, She,...

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The Best 14 Books I Read This Year #AMonthofFaves

Bookish, Favorites • 7 Comments

This is my favorite post to write each year, as I get to re-live my love for each book that I mention below – my favorite reads from...

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Murder, Monsters and Madness [A #WickedGoodReads Reading List]

Bookish • 3 Comments

October is when I officially shift gears to reading all the dark, atmospheric and creepy books I can get my hands on. It’s also...

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5 Types of Book Series Break-Ups

Bookish • 13 Comments

Recently, after reading 3 books in a 9 book series, I really didn’t feel that I wanted to continue with the series … but did I...

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5 #Audiobook Mysteries That Are Better Than The Book

Bookish • One Comment

A good mystery book can sometimes be better experienced as audiobook! The suspense, tense situations, and wide variety of characters will...

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