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February Dinner Menu

Food and Drink

I could happily eat soup all winter long but my kids don’t actually like soup. Sigh. That’s okay, because I’ve got plenty...

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A Winter Dinner Menu

Food and Drink • One Comment

A couple of months ago I started sharing what I made for dinner on Instagram and saving them to a highlight reel. I got a lot of really...

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10 (R)ecipes On Our Summer Menu

Life • One Comment

This summer for us means grilling and chilling … well – truth be told – that’s every summer for us! The recipes on...

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May Meal Plan [The Summer’s Coming Edition]


Summer is on its way! Grilling, BBQ’s, fresh fruit, garden vegetables, salads! We’re saying goodbye to soups and stews around...

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April Meal Plan [The Shelter in Place Edition]

Life • 12 Comments

Kim shared How I Meal Plan for An Entire Year All At Once a few weeks ago, and it was life changing! Now that we’re trying to limit...

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How I Meal Plan for An Entire Year All At Once

Life, Organizing • 7 Comments

Kim here- to talk meal planning with you today! Here at Girlxoxo we love food. I might even consider food another love language that I very...

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