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5 Audiobooks We Recommend for (N)ewbies {#SummerAtoZ}

Bookish, Weekly Links • One Comment

It’s no secret that we are audiobook queens around here. We love them and totally see the benefit of listening to a book for so many...

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6 Awesome (G)ateway Books Into Magical Realism #SummerAtoZ

Bookish • 18 Comments

Magical Realism in books is where magic exists in an otherwise mundane World … and I’m not above wishing that this kind of...

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5 Books We Love With One Word Titles

Bookish • 3 Comments

Today we’re highlighting some books with one word titles that we loved. We chose books that are not part of a series and are really...

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3 Fantasy Book Recommendations for Newbies

Bookish • 4 Comments

There’s something to be said about creating a unique Fantasy World and I love that it can take you down the rabbit hole of...

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#ReadThis 3 Magical Alternate Reality Books

Bookish • 6 Comments

The theme for this month’s Monthly Motif Challenge is Time Travel – anyway you like it. We’ve already talked about 3...

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Autumn (Fall) Holidays Reading Guide {The 2016 Edition}


Here’s a list recommendations for your Autumn Reading based on the holidays of the season....

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Book Trippin’

Bookish • One Comment

The theme for March’s Monthly Motif Challenge is Take a Trip – so let’s do it! Here are some of the places – real...

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New #6BookishDegreesofSeparation

Bookish • 5 Comments

Inspired by the 6 Degrees of Separation meme hosted by Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman, we recreating something similar with...

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5 Better Than the Book Audiobooks [Vol. 1]

Bookish • 27 Comments

It’s no secret that audiobooks are my jam! Here are a few books that I recommend you listen to versus reading the print version (if...

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