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Establishing an (E)vening Routine for the Summer #SummerAtoZ

Life • 3 Comments

I figured that summer would be a good time to establish an evening routine for myself that would help me unwind, give me time to myself,...

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A Day In the Life {The Summer Travel Day Edition} #SummerAtoZ

Life • 9 Comments

I love getting a peak into “the daily lives” of people, so it’s my turn to share a typical travel day, when I had to go...

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(C)oBlogging {How We Make It Work with Evernote} #SummerAtoZ

Blogging • 2 Comments

Since January of this year (2016), Girlxoxo has been run by both Kim and myself (Tanya). We had both been reading each other’s blogs...

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What’s In My Summer Hiking (B)ackpack #SummerAtoZ

Life • One Comment

Both Tanya and I enjoy hiking and do quite a bit of it. We thought it would be fun to compare what’s in our hiking backpacks....

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Summer (A)ctivities Challenge #SummerAtoZ

Life • 4 Comments

This summer Kim and I are challenging each other to complete as many of these fun summer activities as we can. The rules are simple: do the...

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