The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts on GXO in 2018

This is the 3rd year that Girlxoxo has been a team of 2 – Kim and Tanya. Co-blogging is awesome but this year there was a lot going on for both of us, which meant a lot of extended breaks from blogging. We’re trying to remedy that next year … but until then, there are the 10 most popular blog posts on GXO – from December 1, 2017 – December 1, 2018.

The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts on GXO in 2018

one. two. three. Master List of 2019 …  2018 reading challenges  … and 2017 Reading Challenges.

2019 Reading Challenges

TANYA ✤ This post gets so much love every year … looks like people love doing reading challenges.

four. Major Book Awards Calendar for 2018

Award Winning Books

TANYA ✤ So surprised that this got as much love as it did. It’s definitely coming back next year.

five. six. 2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge Sign-Ups … and 2018.

2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

KIM ✩ The Monthly Motif Reading Challenge is so fun to put together and host every year. This year I’m going to try out some new ideas for fostering better interaction between us and those who participate. Sign ups are still open if you’re interested!

seven. The Master List of Book Blogging Memes [The 2018 Edition]

Book Blogging Memes

TANYA ✤ This post has been around a long time and will be updated for 2019.

eight5 Serial Killer Point of View Books That We Hate to Admit We Like.

Books We Hate to Love

TANYA ✤ This was on the list last year too.

nine. 2018 Reading Challenges Tracker [Free Downloadable Spreadsheet]

Reading Challenge Tracker Spreadsheet

TANYA ✤ I really need to promote this more, but it’s coming back next year!

ten. 4 Story Ideas to Record {1 Second Everyday App}

4 Story Ideas 1 Second Everyday App

KIM ✩ I still love the 1 Second Everyday App but I fell off the wagon when it came to creating my videos about half way through the year. Luckily, the app pulls all the videos and photos I took all year from Google photos for me. I’ve already started to go back in and edit them and I’m remembering how much fun it is.

Blogging in 2019

TANYA ✤ We’ll be back of course, but these features won’t be.

+ Amazon Best Books of the Month (see them at Best Books). Thanks to this series, I was able to keep up with new releases, something that I normally wouldn’t do. I discovered a lot of books from putting this together every month, and from my selections of books to read, I got to 9 of the 12 I selected. There was 1 that I couldn’t finish – Book of M, Peng Shepard, but other than that, I enjoyed all the books I read and probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

While it was an interesting experiment, it pushed my focus more towards contemporary novels and I got caught in the hype of reading “new” books. Since I don’t read a ton of books, I’d like my focus to go back to reading more from backlists, and more from authors I’ve read before.

Monthly Bookish Events – This series has been ongoing monthly for a number of years, but I think it has run it’s course … although I’m still on the fence and may bring it back. There are a LOT less reading challenges on blogs these days, and it’s great to have them all highlighted in one place, but I’m just not sure if it’s worth doing it.

New features coming …

TANYA ✤ So far, the only one I’m going to experiment with is a #PlanWithMe series. These are very popular on Youtube – but they only usually show a planner layout. I plan on showing how I actually plan out work, blog and life stuff for the month, season and year.

KIM ✩ #MakeNine2019 is all about choosing 9 items that you want to make out of fabric or yarn in the coming year and then focusing on doing those really well. I’m interested in sewing some clothing for myself and I’m hoping to share a little bit about my projects with you as I go along! (It wasn’t until I started following my bookish friends on IG that I realized how many of you are sewers, stitchers, knitters, and so on.)

What was the most popular post on your blog? Were there any surprises in your Top 10?

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  1. Akilah

    Jan 05

    I somehow missed the 1 Second Every Day app and the reading challenge spreadsheet, so I’m glad you highlighted them again.

    “While it was an interesting experiment, it pushed my focus more towards contemporary novels and I got caught in the hype of reading ‘new’ books.” — I love looking back and seeing how seemingly small things/ideas can influence me. I can understand why this was probably frustrating for you.