The 2016 Reading List {The UnRead Edition – So Far}

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I love reading lists. I love making them and reading other peoples. However, I don’t always get to the books I say I’m going to read. Here’s a list of books I mentioned I wanted to read, but haven’t gotten around to yet. There’s still 3 months left in the year – so hopefully they won’t carry over in 2017.

Books On My Winter Reading List

Winter Reading❅ The Woman in Black, Susan Hill
❅ The Time Machine, H.G. Wells (also on our Spring Reading List)

Looking Forward {New Releases Coming From Our Favorite Authors}

2016 New Releases
❅ The Fat Artist and Other Stories, Benjamin Hale

#Weirdathon Reading List

Winter Reading Rituals
❅ We Have Always Lived in this Castle, Shirley Jackson
❅ Three Moments of an Explosion, China Mieville

In Our Summer Reading (I)nbox {2016 Series Releases} #SummerAtoZ

Our Reading Inbox❅ A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes #2), Sabaa Tahir

(U)nfinished Series That Need Some Love and Attention

❅ The Craft Sequence Series, Max Gladstone
❅ Otherworld Series, Kelley Armstrong

There are 6 books and 2 series, with the oldest being The Woman in Black and The Time Machine, H.G. Wells. What’s the oldest book on your “TBR” list?

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  1. Wow, you have some serious reading to be done. I always wish I could be more organised with sorting out my books which I know I will read in a set period of time to try and clear some shelf space. It’s good you’re trying to plan what you want to finish for the end of the year.

    Now are you talking oldest in book which has been on your shelf for the longest or oldest in terms of age. The book which has been on my shelf the longest for my TBR is probably one of my books from uni such as Cloud Atlas or Wicked but the book on my TBR which is the oldest is probably Jane Eyre because I have been trying to read that for a while because it’s a friend’s favourite book but I just can’t make it through. I am determined to try again, though.