The best news EVER as we start 2016 is that is now the proud parent to 2 wonderful GIRLSTanya Patrice and Kimberly Lynne, who is moving over from Bookmark2Blog. This is super-awesome news for both of us as we have stalked … followed … each other’s blogs over the past few years, and now finally, we are sharing the same space. So “allow me to re-introduce myself” (bonus points if you know which song that verse is from).


kimUtah native // outdoor enthusiast // hiker // biker-road and motorcycle // fan of camping // wannabe yogi // avid memory keeper and documenter // amateur gardener // british comedy/british detective show junkie // mystery, fantasy, science fiction reader.

I’m a former archivist and digital history specialist turned stay at home mom. I miss my work but love hanging with my crazy two year old boy. I have a degree in World History/ History of Art & Architecture (BS) and I’ll soon have a degree in Library and Information Science (MS).

Get to Know Us: 5 Facts

  1. I love music concerts. Crazy, loud, outdoor bashes where everyone is dancing and singing are my favorite.
  2. I secretly dream of holing up in a cabin somewhere in the mountains and just reading and hiking all day long.
  3. I love to garden but I’m rubbish at keeping up with the garden maintenance.
  4. My favorite food is avocados. I love them on pretty much everything.
  5. Speaking of food. I love it. I will try just about anything. Favorite past time for my hubby and I is trying out new to us restaurants.

Tanya Patrice

Tanya Patrice at

I’m an avid reader // speculative fiction lover// runner // road bike warrior // wife //step-mom // food scientist // dreadlocked superhero // Caribbean born and grown (from the island of Jamaica) // former upstate NY dweller // current Mid-West transplant.

I work in the Food Industry (Quality Management) and absolutely love it! I have grad. degrees from both  Clemson (M.S.) and Auburn (PhD) in the Food Sciences.

Get to Know Us: 5 Facts

  1. I still bite my nails … ugh!
  2. I’m an introvert who is married to an extrovert and has to manage a staff of 10 – people overload is a real thing for me!
  3. Favorite way to spend time by myself – a coffee shop, blogging and/or reading.
  4. I am a former party animal. We’re talking almost every weekend since I was 15 until way into my mid-20s!
  5. Because of the above, if I’m in an environment with loud music, I get a ringing in my ears for at least 24 hours after the event … annoying! is where we share our passions and experiments with life. So howdy! And thanks for stopping by.

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One Reply to “The Girls of Girlxoxo”

  1. This is so cool, so excited to see two fantastic bloggers teaming up!