This Is How I Plan {For Work}

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This is not a day in my life post, but more how I structure my day using tools such as my bullet journal, to get through all the things I need to.

First Things First

The most important thing for me to do is take my planner out of my bag, and open it up on my desk – first thing in the morning. I don’t actually look through it right then – emails come first … but if it stays in my bag – it’s less likely that I’ll remember to dig it out when I get busy. I also take out my pack of pens and place them on my desk with my journal.

Bullet Journal Disc Bound Planner

Routine Stuff

I combine reading through my to-do list with eating breakfast, or drinking my first cup of coffee of the day. It gets read and what I’m going to take care of gets prioritized. Just this simple act of pairing it with an activity I enjoy removes the anticipated dread of looking at my long list of things to do.


Remove complications from the system. Things that get taken care of immediately don’t get added to my list – so I don’t have to try and capture everything I’ve done throughout the day. Anything that cannot get taken care of immediately, or any follow-ups that I’m waiting on, gets added to my to-do list. If a task has a due date, I add it on the calendar page. It’s just that simple.

Work Bujo

Make It Better

One room for improvement is checking items off my list when they get done. I don’t always do it at the same time as I just move on to the next thing. But it usually gets captured on my review the next morning. I put a check mark and the date done (which is usually inaccurate – but not essential so I don’t worry about it).

That’s really it. I’ll refer to my planner throughout the day as needed, but it’s really the first 2 steps that have been key to me sticking with this system. Capturing my to-do lists digitally just doesn’t work for me, and having a bullet journal type system has done wonders for helping keep me on top of managing 13 facilities.

How do you stay organized with all your work tasks?

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